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    AAF MultiMedia V2 Image for Vu+ duo

    Ver 5.6 Release note Open Embedded - Fix HDD Detection problem at bootup - Speed up screen capture - MediaPlayer related libraries update. - Update e2 to the latest version. - Relocate the fb.ko to its original postion.(fb.ko remains for backward compatibility) - For other details, please...
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    AAF WM Image V2 VU+ Duo

    AAF WM Image V2 VU+ Duo neu aus aktuellen Anlass Serverwechsel.... Änderungen zum WM Image V1: Changes: - add AM 2.04 - add new bootlogo (V2) - add FanControl to AAF-Panel > Setup menu - prepaire image for usb wlan (added changed kernel and modules). This is not ready and will not work...