1. N

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 1.2.0

    Originariamente inviata da ReadMe release 1.2.0 ********************* - fixed green button for aspect ratio options - fixed extended audio selection - fixed hdd mounting point on /media/hdd - fixed no audio over HDMI on few receivers model with PCM audio-type - fixed few incompatibility...
  2. N

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 1.1.1

    release 1.1.1 ********************* - fixed the bug that causes crashing on enigma2 during pixellation/freeze (call it as you like) - fixed network setup crashes with standard skin - fixed green button-aspect ration function - updated to 02/01/2011 enigma2 cvs - fixed no audio on channel...
  3. L

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 1.0.2

    release 1.0.2 ********************* - fixed "tvguide" plugin, it is running again - fixed Subtitles during live TV - fixed some bugs during playback - fixed Network setup crash - fixed ffw and rev buttons on Mediaplayer - fixed IP getting through DHCP - fixed a bug on getting properly...
  4. Lenina

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 1.0.0

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 1.0.0 release 1.0.0 ********************* - enabled movie-list menu also on 100hd, 200hd, 250hd (press PLAY button instead of FILE on other receivers) - fixed some playback bugs - updated crossepg patches (compatible with last crossepg version) - fixed some CI-CAM...