1. VlaSky

    PKT UFS910 Enigma2 Devil's Image

    Поляки выложили новый мод. Пробуем, отписываемся UFS910 Enigma2 Devil's Image Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-1234 PKT mod SVN-581 Devil's Image Image przeznaczone jest do instalacji na pendrive lub dysk sata Dodano przez sh4 Duckbox Team: - stability improvements -...
  2. N

    SifTeam Extreme Edition 1.0 v.0.9.7

    moved to tideglo 0.9.7 - added ignore for bigphysarea kernel argument (solve many ram problem with some common bad env) - updated pacco sci driver to version 1.4 (now it's compatible with tvsat) - some fix to main skin - added "extra bind ip address" field in web interface config (permit to...