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    SifTeam duo ( Latest)

    SifTeam_Enigma2_Extreme_Edition_r89_vuplus.nfi 36.8 MB 2010-Nov-03 SifTeam_Enigma2_Extreme_Edition_r89_vuplus.nfi
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    Official image VU+

    Vu Plus Firmware Ver 5.0 Release note (New OE 1.6) Ver 5.0 Release note Open Embedded - New Build Server/Tree (vulus-1.6) Driver update http://archive.vuplus.com/download/drivers/log.txt 20100611 - Adjust remote control response time a bit more - Fix virtual tuner problem. 20100719 - Support...
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    Power of Dream HD+ image for Vuo+Duo

    10.07.1020 FIRST RELEASE OF Power of Dream HD+ image for Vuo+Duo We are pleased to offer our image POD + HD decoder Vuplus Duo (for now, the quality of drivers Solo does not allow us the release of POD). You'll find the same characteristic as the POD HD Dreambox, namely...