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addon с раширенной blue - panel для всех версий

AB Enigma1HD_9xxx_110609beta

This is Beta version of AB Enigma1HD for AB IPBox 9000HD/900HD/910HD and 91HD

How to install:

- unzip downloaded file to your PC
- Copy file from your PC into USB flash memory and rename it into "usb_update.img"
- IMPORTANT: Use "Safety remove USB device" function before disconnecting your USB flash memory from PC !
- Turn off your receiver (Standby+OK on front panel) and connect USB memory to USB (host) connector on your receiver.
- Press and hold Standby on front panel until "BOOTING" message appears on display,
press Up button . "USB UPGRADE" message should appear on display of your receiver - software update performs automatically.
- Wait until DONE message appears and restart your receiver.

How to install E2 HD (USB stick version) via internet with E1 HD installed inside box (Multiboot function):

- connect USB flash memory to receiver and formatt it to ext3
- go to Menu - Setup - System settings - Harddisc setup - line "connected"and make sure if USB is mounted to /hdd or /mnt/sda (if you donґt have installed HDD) or to /mnt/sdb (if you have installed HDD)!!!
- press blue button and go to "tarx", press OK, and choose "Download Addon". You will see "Enigma2.sda" and "Enigma2.sdb" files for each model of HD boxes.
"Enigma2.sda" - choose only when you donґt have installed HDD
"Enigma2.sdb"- choose only when you have installed HDD
- after choosing correct file, download will start and after that confirmation window will appear - press OK on "yes"
- when you will see window with "OK", you have successfully installed E2 HD on USB
- if you want run E2 HD just turn box off (Standby+OK on front panel),that press standby button and press and hold number 2 or 3 (it depends of installed HDD)

number 1 - booting from internal flash
number 2 - booting from sda
number 3 - booting from sdb
number 4 - booting from nfs
number9 - booting from set up enviroment ipaddr, server ip, nfsroot

This can be helpfull:

- IMPORTANT: By manual searching of channels ever press "retune" after inserting all parameters.
This behavior differs from original E1, so don't forget about it when you need to do manual scan
- In Expert setup you can find "User reset" - this returns box to first setup with basic setting for 4 satellites
- In menu "Common Interface" you can find this: "can handle two services" - when you marked it to on, it is possible one scrambled channel record and one scrambled channel from same TP watch.
Note: this function must be also supported by CAM module!(e.g.Cryptoworks from Mascom supports this)
- If use 720p or 1080i mode with teletext, after teletext switch on, press Menu button and activate "true type fonts" item.

Please note that this is E1 HD, so in IP9000HD is supported only first tuner.

Known issues:

- DVB-C tuners not supported
- internal card readers donґt work (external USB card readers work)
- works upper CI slot only, after inserting CAM module you have to restart it in menu of box. After every restarting of box you have to put out CAM from box and put in to box and reset CAM in menu of box.
- DVB and TXT subtitles are not working
- problem with formatting some 3,5" HDDґs
- some bugs by playback recordings from HDD
- it is not possible timer recording from EPG
- SD menu graphic supported only
- installed games donґt work in 720p and 1080i mode. (work in 576i and 576p mode)
- signal indicators donґt work
- in some situations box doesnґt present any channels, need reinsert CAM and reset CAM in Common Interface menu

NOTE: Source code of AB Enigma1HD will be released ASAP. Stay tuned
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AB Enigma1HD_9000_150609beta


- fixed videoformat settings
- fixed S/PDIF, HDMI volume control
- add possibility change swap to other media (HDD, USB)
- add driver for card readers
- update Kernel stm22 041 version with Open VPN support

http://www.satupdate.net/stahuj/AB ..._Enigma1HD_9000_150609beta_usb_all_noboot.zip

http://www.satupdate.net/stahuj/AB ...B_Enigma1HD_900_150609beta_usb_all_noboot.zip

http://www.satupdate.net/stahuj/AB ...B_Enigma1HD_910_150609beta_usb_all_noboot.zip

http://www.satupdate.net/stahuj/AB ...AB_Enigma1HD_91_150609beta_usb_all_noboot.zip

аддон от 15.06.2009
http://www.satupdate.net/stahuj/AB IPBox HD/SF_addons for AB IPBox HD/SF_addon_for_9xxxHD_150609.zip
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Модератор "AzBox"
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SF addon for E1 HD series ==150609 release==


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