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DM800HD Clone Patched Images (Sim 2.01 SSL#84D OE2.0)



* Extra Picons

21/01/2016: * New Enigma2 Compiled

* Allow gstreamer to convert the audio when the dvbaudiosink doesn't
support the format

* servicemp3:

- follow GstBuffer API changes
- follow gstreamer api changes
- fix gstreamer assertions, iterating elements
- add sanitychecks on subtitle caps
- fix getting text-tags
- support text/x-raw subtitle caps

* servicedvb: allow timeshift to be started on an http ts stream

* Export timeshift helper functions

* channelselection:
From setup menu in channelselection go back to channelselection.
So you can toggle channelselectioncontextmenuCustomise
and configchannelselection

* Fix crash when writing epg cache to the disk:
Timestamp in contentTimeMap can differ from eventData timestamp.
In such cases eventData is not removed from timeMap. timeMap is
used in eEPGCache::save which accesses in such a case freed memory.
This can cause crash.

BlackHole.2.1.7.NewFix DM800HD CLONE




Changes since previous release:

- Gstreamer snapshot updated to 1.7.1:

* The mp4 issue when playing from remote locations has been fixed upstream,
so I've dropped the revert.

* Libsoup has been updated so I've dropped the revert for the
old libsoup as well.
- DM800Se V2 and DM500HD V2 kernel config has been
cleaned and more in sync with PLi's config for the other Dreambox models.

- More free space by adding a task before do_package_write_ipk which will upx compress some binaries.

* This should give us a few more MBs to work with (Dreambox *cough*).

- Major rework of the meta-fulan BSP for spark thanks to Tapaat for helping me out.

* Now using Tapaat's drivers which fixes the frambuffer (and 22khz?) issue.

* Enable of the zram module.

* Shipping his wifi drivers.

* VFD time is now synced every 5 minutes using a cron job.

* Software update and plugin-installation has been fixed.

* Using Tapaat's lirc config for spark and spark7162.
- The usual batch of dvbmediasink fixes by Christophecvr and mx3L:

* A brand new divx/xvid bitstream unpacker by mx3L should fix playback of avi files with wrong fourcc.

- Libsoup has been updated to 2.52 (from master-next).

- Refactor wifi drivers a bit on Linux 2.6.18,
not auto-loading the mt7600 anymore,
the correct driver should hopefully be loaded
when you plugin your wifi stick.

Changes compared to openpli-oe-core gst-1:

- Ships with gstreamer upstream master git:
Using the same patches as openpli-oe-core gst-1 with only these changes:
Removed: 0001-baseparse-post-tag-list-when-avg-bitrate-changes-at-.patch
because this patch was already checked in upstream.
- Every receiver uses christophecvr's multibox dvbmediasink.

- Libsoup has been updated to 2.52 (from master-next).
- Using libtrmp and rtmpdump from oe-alliance.
- Some small enigma2 patches for Dreambox receivers
(ac3/dts bypass and blanking on zap support).
These are only applied for Dreambox receivers.
- AAC to AC3 transcoding V2 by mx3L (requires a fast cpu).
- IPTV Player from samsamsam included (thx to Athoik for the recipe).
- Large list of public IPTV streams included thanks to the Japhar Team.
- Updated libcdio and cdtextinfo for audio-cd support by christophecvr.
- DM800Se, DM7020HD and DM800SeV2 driver upgraded to 20151201:
added si2166b blindscan support.
- Using aio-grab source from oe-alliance which includes fixes for spark receivers.

Known issues:

- DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.
- On spark/spark7162 you need to set 'boxtype = dreambox' for oscam dvbapi.
Please use 'duckbox' instead.
- On Zgemma Star you cannot use full HD skins.
This is a hardware/driver limitation.
Please don't try it, it will crash enigma2.
- Some Dreambox remotes may behave very sensitive.
This causes button presses to register multiple times instead of just once.
As a workaround you can adjust the key interval:
Go to: Menu - System - Input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms or 300ms.
Press green button (OK)
Now set the same delay for: "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" as well.

OpenPLi.4.0.NewGstreamer1.7.2 DM800HD CLONE




08/04/2016: * Fixed Crash Cannot allocate Memory with Iptv and Tsmedia

* Fixed Renderer picon.py to Show picons without Reboot

* Patched Channelselection.py (open Channel List and press 2xMenu to Show Customise)

* Free space for internal flash 8.9M

* BlackholeAddons updated:

-ADD oscam_1.20-rev-11219(only Add your server CCcam or Newcamd to oscam.server)
-ADD Skin Darkstar-blue

CCcam - oscam.server

C: aaa.dns.com 12010 abcde 123456
C: aaa.dns.com 11010 abcde 123456



label = CCcam_1
description = CCcam
protocol = cccam
device = host,port
user = user
password = password
group = 1
cccversion = 2.1.4

label = CCcam_2
description = CCcam
protocol = cccam
device = host,port
user = user
password = password
group = 1
cccversion = 2.1.4

label = CCcam_1
description = CCcam
protocol = cccam
device = aaa.dns.com,12010
user = abcde
password = 123456
group = 1
cccversion = 2.1.4

label = CCcam_2
description = CCcam
protocol = cccam
device = bbb.dns.com,11010
user = abcde
password = 123456
group = 1
cccversion = 2.1.4


N: aaaa.dyndns.org 10001 abcde 123456 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14


label = Newcamd
description = Newcamd Example
protocol = newcamd
device = server,port
key = 0102030405060708091011121314
user = username
password = password
group = 1

label = Newcamd
description = Newcamd Example
protocol = newcamd
device = aaaa.dyndns.org,10001
key = 0102030405060708091011121314
user = abcde
password = 123456
group = 1

BlackHole.2.1.7.Final.Light DM800HD CLONE


---------- Сообщение добавлено в 01:56 ---------- Предыдущее сообщение размещено в 01:51 ----------


*Changes compared to previous release

- New gstreamer recipes based on christophecvr's github (small changes for PLi4)
- Upgrade glib2.0 and some other components like gobject-introspection to satisfy the new gstreamer recipes
- gstreamer1.0-libav is built using it's minimal libav with only support for wma (thank you chris)
It's pre-installed on all receivers except for the ones with only 64MB of flash (dm800/800se/500hd)
- Full ffmpeg 3.0.1 package is in the feeds for use with IPTV Player's
exteplayer3 (thx to Taapat for the original bbappend)
Login with telnet and issue: opkg update && opkg install ffmpeg
- Latest openpli-oe-core changes
- Latest enigma2 changes
- spark: libeplayer3 is pre-installed now (also in the feeds) for movie players with support for this library
Note: servicemp3 still uses gstreamer
- spark: some OpenPLi enigma2 backports (since Taapat doesn't maintain his enigma2 branch anymore)
The servicemp3 memleak patch has been applied with some other patches/commits I found useful
- spark: don't force async mode on the dvbaudiosink anymore, it's now the same as all other receivers again

So in short, this release should have HLS and mp4 playback working again. (thank you mx3L and chris).

Also thanks to samsamsam IPTV Player should be working again.
It's now compatible with OpenSSL and if you install ffmpeg from the feeds, it will install exteplayer3 for you (also on sh4).

Please refrain from any (cam/smartcard)-emulation or clone-receiver discussion.
Thanks for testing and be sure to report back your findings

OpenPLi.4.0.Gstreamer.1.9 DM800HD CLONE




10/06/2016: * Fix Some Bugs

* ADD Python-Pycrypto and python-Html (Support For Tsmedia and Iptv Player)

* You can Download Tsmedia and Iptv Player from BlackholeAddons (Menu-BlackholeAddons)

* ADD New Picon_default

06/06/2016: * Skin_default:Darkstar_blue

* ADD Blackhole font size settings

* ADD IPK uninstall

*better picon managment

* ADD Buffer indicator to Skin_default.xml

* Skin_display.xml patched to add better StandbySummary

* ADD BlackholeAddons V1.6

BlackHole.3.0.2B DM800HD CLONE



Любитель Сат-ТВ
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*ADD New Feeds urls


*New Fix For IPTV


*New Fix For Some Python


*Fix MovieList

*Fix PositionerSetup


*Patched file opkg.conf(/etc/opkg/opkg.conf)
to point to /tmp dir when downloading updates to gain space on the /dev/root partition.
option lists_dir is /var/volatile/tmp

*Fix some bugs for python


*Add Support for Multiboot

*Fix some bugs


*Fix IPTV for Enigma2 Bouquet

*New Fix for Timeshift


*Add menu_sort: Menu-Setup-System-Customise

Default does not change anything
A-Z simply does alphabetic order
When on 'user' in a menu you can press the blue button (not indicated in
skin). Then with yellow or OK you can hide/show items and with the <> next
to 0 button you can move items. With Blue button you can reset all custom
configurations. With Red or Cancel you Abort and with Green button you
save the changes.

*Add parental control on MenuSort

*added pgup and pgdn buttons to hotkeys

*BhEI Patched: you can see server on secondinfobar
when installing Wicardd and Mgcamd

*skin_default.xml updated for screen Movieselection

*BlackholeAddons updated: Add CCcaminfo V3.0 Mod Marwen
(better ECMInfo like gemini image for dm500)
you can activate ECMInfo from:

BlackHole.3.0.2 Final DM800HD CLONE




GCC 7.2
Glibc 2.19
Kernel 2.6.18
Python 2.7.13
Gstreamer 1.15.0

IPTVPlayer for

opkg update
opkg install ffmpeg

Green Button > Blue Button > IPTVPlayer

restart enigma2

opkg update
opkg install exteplayer3

menu > setup > system > serviceapp

opkg remove --force-depends exteplayer3 ffmpeg libavcodec57 libavdevice57 libavformat57 libswscale4 libbluray libpostproc54 libavutil55 libavresample3 libavfilter6 libswresample2 libvpx libtheora

opkg update

opkg install exteplayer3 ffmpeg libavcodec57 libavdevice57 libavformat57 libswscale4 libbluray libpostproc54 libavutil55 libavresample3 libavfilter6 libswresample2 libvpx libtheora