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Neutrino HD ALFA


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Neutrino HD now work on : ELITE and PREMIUM ( Premium+ and Ultra is comming soon! )

How to install ?
- Load on Your AzBox Elite or Premium RC11 or RC12 Enigma 2.
- Connect by FTP to Your AzBox HD and transfer file neo4test_PE.tar.gz to /tmp
- Connect now by telnet and type this command's , one by one :
1. cd /tmp
2. tar -xvzf neo4test_PE.tar.gz -C /
3. cd /
4. cd /home/root
5. ./runme.sh
Now, watch on Your TV, Neutrino is booting
We recommend You to dont change resolution in Settings, or if You change, use OSD Settings -> Screen Setup to allign dimensions to the new resolutions, or You will have distorted OSD .

Some things are not working, but major stuff is working, TV, Radio, WebInterface ( Streaming, Screenshots ) and so on...

Please test and make us informed

Do not expect too much as this is ALPHA version of neutrino for AzBox HD, in next days You can expect more and more
Плагины бразильского товарища pingflood для запуска Neutrino (из DOM) и оффициалки (с флешки).
Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!

Лаунчер для Neutrino вместе с Neutrino в виде .ipk пакета.