CCcam 1.2.0


Команда форума
-fixed betacrypt entitlements
-fixed betacrypt emm
-fixed nds entitlements
-fixed nds freeze with certain ecm on phoenix
-irdeto emu emm added
-seca emu added
-initialise all cards before starting to decode, ensures immediate success on startup
-restart emm when a card is inserted, for easier activation of new cards
-faster client ecm handling (new client logon no longer delays requests of existing clients)
-command-based info interface on port 16000
-web info interface on port 16001
(As of now getting info from ports 15000-15004 is deprecated. This interface will be removed in the next release.)
-newcamd stealth mode added
-removed <1.1.1 backward compatibility code from share protocol, to allow full use of optimisations introduced in 1.1.1
-when CCcam was connecting to a share it kept on connecting on same ip, not very good when a dyndns address was in the config
-ecm request cache didn't work in all situations, caching fixed and improved.
-emm didn't always work on demuxapi systems (e.g. relook, mutant). Fixed.
-WARNING: F: entry syntax changed, check and update your CCcam.cfg; added parameters to allow emusharing and emm, per client

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