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First of all this project was born because there were the needs to integrate all SIFTeam enigma2 projects into one repository and to do that we need gecko images that are based on OpenEmbedded.
So I decided to start adapting cuberevo toolset to use them on OpenEmbedded.
I'm really glad to announce this because it is the FIRST sh4 based Enigma2 openembedded fully working.

I hope all teams can take advantages from this

Here the link:

Read the wiki on sourceforge if you don't know anything about it.

I didn't full tested it for every single receiver (but it should work for all cuberevo-digital based receivers).
It creates the so well known nightly build images.

So... from now on you will see all my drivers updates using this repository

I hope you enjoy this.

Coming soon (don't ask me when): Sifteam enigma2 gecko release

git clone git://

cd opencuberevo

make -f Makefile MACHINE=machine_name image

machine_name image can be: cuberevo, cuberevo-mini, cuberevo-mini2, cuberevo-mini-fta, cuberevo-250hd, cuberevo-2000hd, cuberevo-9500hd, cuberevo-100hd

Ubuntu recommended
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