PKT IP9000/IP910/IP900/IP91 E2 HAARP v3b USB Image


Куратор "IPBox"
PKT IP9000/IP910/IP900/IP91 E2 HAARP v3b USB Image

Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-3129 PKT SVN-1321 HAARP v3b Flash Image

Image is designed for installation on flash devices
Support receiver: IPBOX 9000/910/900/91HD
Kernel stm24-207

Added by sh4 Duckbox Team:

- [libeplayer3] update to ffmpeg 0.8.6
- [eplayer3] playback aac-he streams with aac-lc
- fix timing problem in filepush
- [Player2 179/191] possible fix for chopped DTS sound on some files
- [e2 nightly-0]introduce 3D Mode for OSD ( paint OSD twice in Side by Side or Top and Bottom )
- [libeplayer3] support for OSD 3D modes for subtitles
- [libeplayer2, libeplayer3] Close directory file handles after looking for subtitle files
- new BusyBox 1.19.2 (stable) config and patches
- extend streamproxy to support linuxdvbapi5
- [player2_191/player2_179]resturucture dts fix. The fix now only applys to DTS streams and the playback time is only corrected on time differences up to 50ms this MAY fix some issues with async sound
- [player191] adoptions from p179; bugfix for 710x receiver (HD channel problems)
- [player2_191] fsynth bugfix
- use utf8 as python default
- adapt wrong page_offset and improve mem

Added by PKT:

- new function "live ecm" in infobar
- show Channel Number on Front Pannel + ON/OFF switch in setup menu
- upgrade CrossEPG svn 268
- fix qwerty VirtualKeyboard (UK layout)
- fix Backup/Autorestore function | LABEL=RECOVERY required
- fix channel number showing on VFD if long channel name
- set home directory to /root
- EPG description on channel list -> ON
- change reading of
- new converters and skins modifications
- fix dimmer action when channel switch
- fix parsing PROV, CAID, PID
- moving EPG support to KeyMapper
- ReferencePKT optimization
- set PKT-GoldHD skin as default
- fix CIFS mount if passwd is empty
- MPlayer fix GS of EOF
- upgrade formating device in Install Manager
- update API of MyTube based on last CVS source
- update EmuManager v1.0.6: add sh4Cam support & gbox fix
- font FIX moved to Skin setup
- removed unused files
- BP menu settings modification
- fix showing processes
- res_emu in standby add in BP->Settings
- tune and fix sys_info
- add showing /Loaded modules/ in BP ->Menu ->System
- update WIFI scripts:
* add detecting of supported USB WLAN adapters
* user is informed about unsupported device
* optimize selecting WLAN driver
* optimize starting WLAN driver
- fix show event-progress in channel selection
- fix crossEPG
- PKT InstallManager 1.2.2
- PKT KeyMapper 1.5
- update Permanent Clock
- fix EMUManager russian translate
- add green button support in Media Player
- fix streamproxy after reboot
- add support for fake cccam

+ change only in HAARP V3b version
- picons update
- added BPanel activation in MoviePlayer ( key blue )
- added compatibility to standard non PKTeams skins
- fix dot on VFD if channel number is not available
- fix for radio mode wallpaper
- fix showing picons on channels list, when are located in /hdd/picon folder
- add /media/usb/picon to picons search folders
- 2nd generation of speed up channels zap
- add standby smooth extingushing TV
- channel list update 20-11-11
- display quality improvement
- new BluePanel 2D v3.1.21 with graphic interface:
-- added function to check update is needed
-- added color & numeric keys actions support to immidiate plugin/function/menu activation
-- 1st row - keys: 1, 2, 3, 4
-- 2nd row - keys: 5, 6, 7, 8
-- 3rd row - keys: red, green, yellow, blue
-- add menu key action support
-- add changelog information menu
-- add synchronization of local time and date from NTP server
-- add On/Off the smooth extinguish TV while switching to standby mode
- fix missing reference.dat
- fix international fonts switch in Skin Setup
- screenshot OSD fix
- fix GS on GlassHD skin
- upgrade e2 to 2011-09-13-experimental
- add % loaded e2 process on VFD
- fix exception on hddtemp running on box with non-sata port
- [IP9K] standby clock fix
- [IP9K] VFD Icons fix
- [IP9K] add partitions automount to /media folder
- [IP9K] fix sound drops
- fix GS in TimeShift path Menu
- sata HDD sleep in standby fix
- add new Webinterface v1.6.8
- add WebMedia 4.0
- add new Multimedia items in BP
- fix firmware update checking
- some fixes for cardreader driver
- add VFD Record Icon blinking

User: root
Pass: pkteam

Known issue:
newcs doesn't work as card reader, plaese use oscam.

Polish Koders Team




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Куратор "IPBox"
Если честно, даже не проверял. Времени не было...


Профи в Сат-ТВ
кто ставил, шрифты подходят от старых имиджей?


Профи в Сат-ТВ
к сожалению в флеш версии каталог /usr только для чтения :(
так что, у меня не получилось перезаписать шрифты.
а вообще, какую тогда е2 выбрать для внутренней флеш? :(


Любитель Сат-ТВ
booom2; написал(а):
к сожалению в флеш версии каталог /usr только для чтения :(
так что, у меня не получилось перезаписать шрифты.
а вообще, какую тогда е2 выбрать для внутренней флеш? :(
У меня не стоит в флеше, но в прошлых было-var/usr, где все доступно.(спутал-это в AAF)
Последнее редактирование:


Профи в Сат-ТВ
это актуально только для флеш-версий!


Профи в Сат-ТВ
на внешней предыдущей PKT шрифты менял(брал вроде у isaak47)