Прошивка XCRUISER.XDSR420HD.v2.11.87


XCRUISER.XDSR420HD.v2.11.87 Исправлены все косяки более ранних версий качаем:http://dfiles.ru/files/5qhk5fqcz
Release note Version 2.11.87 1. DNS setting by force for stable YouTube connection
First DNS : / Second DNS :

2. YouTube Category rearranged based on changed YouTube category
(Top Rated / Top Favourite / Most Viewed Removed)

3. Connectivity of AirTivi+ under WiFi network : Improved

4. Weird character in FAV List after choosing Persian : Solved

5. Incorrect Quality level : Solved

6. Parental control for Media, web browser, TV Portal+ : Added

7. Asking for REBOOT, DEEP Standby, Standby when pressing and hold power key on remote : Added

8. Short cut key(Recall button) to make video full screen in Torrent Player : Added

9. Channel recording will be continued even if the channel get Scrambled and De-Scrambled : Added

10. Receiver freezing after few hours if leave it on MENU OSD : Solved

11. Receiver will change the resolution according to the channel resolution : Added

12. Compatibility with plugin Xcam2 and Mcas : Improved

13. Starting plugin by Green will start the plugin without asking YES/NO : Added

14. Time Calibration : Added
=> Getting the correct TIME info from satellite transponder and make the EPG available with correct time information