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SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-vusolo

Changelog preso dagli update dell'svn sif su google

Enabled wlan in vuplus machines
Fixed missing meta packages dependencies
Added blacklist support in busybox for vuplus (needed by usb tuners)
Added support for tuner TDA18218
Added extuner as default in vuplus
Fixed bad a867 package in usb tuners panel
Added "depmod -a" in dvbusb init script
SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-vusolo

Removed old v4l-dvb sources
Fixed missing patch in vuplus v4l-dvb Fixed bootlogo in vuplus Restored enigma2 swloop patch in vuplus-vusolo
Removed old a867 package and patch
Removed swloop patch from vuduo image
Merged a867 driver into v4l-dvb
Updated modules init script
Updated modprobe.conf (fixed a867 and as102 in blacklist)
Merged AF9035 into main v4l-dvb
Added support for A825
Fixed bad pid add/remove handling
Updated checksums.ini with new vusolo modules checksums